Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Creative Space

Disclaimer: It is seldom this clean

This is what you see when you first open my door. That is Magoo's Bearded Dragon - Quizzy, but I have sort of inherited him. He is so cute to watch sometimes. He enjoys grooving to my music. Underneath his supplies is my sewing machine and teaching supplies.
As soon as you come around the corner, this is what you see. In theory I have three working spaces. The desk is meant to be for sewing, but it often acts as a holding spot for things. On the floor you will notice one file folder, there are two more under my desk. This is where I organize my ideas from magazines. Under the corner desk, I have my paper tower, my garbage can, and my Ikea scrap paper holder.

This is a closer look at the items above my desk. The material is used mostly for blankets. Hanging under the material are clips; each one is a separate theme. The colour cubes I bought at a garage sale. It holds paper, letter stickers/cut-outs and all my cricut stuff. The desk cubbies hold smaller pieces of paper, my cuddle and my cuddle bug supplies. The little shelf has my glue on and some cute toys. The pink things has my extra glue, and embossing stuff, the tower has my push pins, above it are some embellishments and beside it is my colour center (markers, crayons, pencil crayons...) Beside the desk is a white shelf. On top are phrases, all organized in envelopes by theme, a container of things that fly stickers and embellishments, flower related items, and quilling items, and stitching card supplies.The white drawers under the coloured cubbies is full of ink. Hanging off the cubbies are various catagorized items (flowers, metal embellishments, wood embellishments...)

This one is hard to see, sorry. But above the window is a string holding some of my finished cards. On the one side of the wall there is an Ikea castle drawer set. It holds most of my distressing items and some more card ideas. On the shelf is my stamp cleaning items, and on top is my finished jewelery. Below the window is a Micheals ribbon holder. Above it is a homemade ribbon holder (a base, two wall, and dowels) One the window ledge are some flowers. On the other wall is a set of drawers holding various items such as pompoms, clips, feather... Hanging above the window is a cute garland string. On the curtain rod is a jewelry holder. This has needles, loops, sequence, googly eyes...

This the wall opposite my corner desk. On the wall is another one of Michaels storage items/ It has my glitter, flocking, embossing powders, distressing inks, mini pearls, brads, and more ribbon. On top are some cute toys. The leaf is from Ikea and has the same garland string as the window. Below are some spice racks that I bought at garage sales and use for my stamps. Of course there is also the sewing box, which sits on plastic drawer storage set. Inside that is a bunch of misc. craft supplies for things like my pencil sets, paper holders, hairbands, sun catchers... Beside it is a small white shelf that holds many of my beading supplies.

The shelves by the TV were bought at Jysk and hold some of my stamp sets. Each set is also organized by theme. Below the leaf is a tower of coloured beads, and below that is some fun items including a small water fountain. The gray drawers are full of beading supplies. The brown units is full of my teaching supplies. What you see on it, are special words of encouragement that people have written on cards over the years.

This is the wall behind my door. It is basically two cork boards full of stickers and other embellishments, which could fit into various themes. Hanging in the corner is a whicker chair holding some of my stuffies.

This is a small shelf beside Quizzy's desk, it has pictures that students have given me.

This is the other side of the brown unit with the TV. It is pictures and gifts from my five years as a Roots of Empathy facilitator.

Inside my closet. Shelves on the side hold mostly baskets, bags, and other. White plastic unit holds mostly teaching supplies and albums. It also have some odd crafting items. The toys storage unit is all teaching supplies. The top shelve of the closet, which you can't see is mostly Christmas stuff, dried flowers, and a few old board games for notebooks.

On the door of my closet is a plastic shoe holder that contains all my punches. The red shelf above my closet is where I keep most of my photography stuff and collection of old cameras. The bird cage is full of thank you cards that I have gotten over the years. I think it is really important to be surrounded by positive energy.

This is under my glass table. The larger drawer unit has my writing stuff, my tools (cutters, rulers...) and the bottom one I can't recall at this moment. The brown box has glass lantern tops, which one day I plan on using for something. The smaller plastic set is mostly cards and envelopes. The pile in the corner is what I plan on bringing with me this weekend to the Great Canadian Scrapbooker Carnival. The colours you can see is all yarn.   

There you have it - my room in a nut shell. Sorry it is hard to follow along. I'm love to see how yours is set-up. I might get some ideas for mine; it is always a work in progress.

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